Excavations of the Deep - Jessica Leitmanis.jpg

Excavations of the Deep is a series of woven sculptures created from marine debris rope, that explore the relationship between mind and matter.

To what degree does our internal world influence our external world? To what degree does our environment influence our thoughts?

Using archaeology as a framework, Leitmanis looks to the objects of our acquaintance for insights into contemporary society. She creates dialogue surrounding our constructs and design principles, in order to reflect on the values and beliefs of the modern world.

A contemporary archaeological dig that invites the viewer to question current modes of thinking, being, feeling, cultivating, creating, consuming, and discarding... This excavation looks for clues in the disconnect between that which is, and that which is assumed.

The seen and the unseen; the surface and the submerged; the conscious and the sub-conscious...

Let's dive in!